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Get ready to witness a revolution in online education with CourseMateAi PRO - the ultimate all-in-one upgrade package that combines extra powerful features with more AI tools to boost your course creation capabilities and 10x your profit potential.

We are serious about giving you everything you need to capitalize on this booming eLearning industry and make the most out of it in 2024 and many years to come.

That's why this PRO upgrade includes powerful AI tools that expand your content creation capacity up to 100x, and powerful features that will make your eLearning sites more effective.

You can effortlessly generate more training video courses, lessons, manuals, notes, lectures, audiobooks, podcasts, explainer videos, informational videos, business ads, software reviews, and other HD video courses in sizzling HOT niches.

With this upgrade, you can make income like a pro-level marketer without writing a single word or recording a single video yourself. You can create stunning courses with the Pro edition of CourseMateAi. Just plug in your info, set your own prices, and start selling immediately.

Your business can be scaled bigger with this package. You'll never have to worry about hitting a limit, and with this upgrade you can scale your eLearning business to exponential levels.

Robust & Powerful AI Video Editor

The Pro version of the video editor has all the features unlocked. Tasks that take hours using standard video editors are reduced to just a few simple clicks. Here, you can...

  • Add/remove watermarks, logo, add text, crop, trim, and edit the videos in so many ways.
  • Generate Thumbnails, speed, rotate, Trim, reverse - edit videos
  • Add Background Music, Animation, Voiceover, watermarks etc
  • Perform Text alignment - Top/Bottom/Left/Right/No Alignment
  • Auto slide break and auto line break
  • Choose animations from a Variety of Styles - Fade In, Fade Out, Vertical Shuffle, Horizontal Shuffle, Blink, or No Animation.

17 kinds of whiteboard videos can be created instantly!

This is one of our favorite features in the PRO upgrade. With this powerful addition, you can generate captivating videos effortlessly in these popular and hot niches by utilizing the power of CourseMateAi's advanced video creation capabilities.

Each category is a revenue magnet, offering significant opportunities to increase sales and/or conversions.
These niches are red-hot and easy traffic generators!

Just set up these videos as courses in your academy, target the right buyers, set a fair price, and you are
ready to see students joining your academy, and income filling your account.

Create videos designed for all social media channels:

Find video resolutions and sizes of all major social media videos. Create videos for:

  • Stories
  • Instagram posts square, reels, Ads
  • Instagram – horizontal and square in-feed videos
  • YouTube videos for any resolution up to 2160P
  • Facebook 360 Monoscopic, stereoscopic
  • Facebook Instant experience – Landscape, square
  • Facebook Video Ads, slide show video Ad and News feeds

Create whiteboard training videos with DFY AI prompts & scripts – proven to convert:

The PRO upgrade comes with AI prompts for creating scripts for whiteboard sales videos, Business Ads, Product Promos, Informational videos, Squeeze page and explainer/tutorial Videos, nature, fashion, real estate, and all other categories.

Just enter your product details, product type, URL, course name, topics and any other information, click the button and your script is ready in seconds.

Quickly turn it into a stunning video with a few clicks in the whiteboard video editor.

Create up to 20 Whiteboard Training Video courses:

With this upgrade, you can create up to 20 video courses at one time in your account. Each course can contain up to 10 training videos, all crafted seamlessly with CourseMateAi. This is double the limit of courses.

This can boost your revenue in multiple ways. It will provide more options for each student to purchase more courses, thus increasing your value per customer. It also allows you to broaden the scope of your course offerings, attracting additional niche audiences to your academies. Remember, the AI can easily create courses on subjects you know NOTHING about.

Save up to 200 Training Videos:

Now you can save up to 200 training videos in your account, in comparison to the 100 videos in the current package. Again, that's double the limit and double the opportunity.

Create longer training videos with up to 20 slides:

In the current package, you can create 10 slides in each video. With this upgrade, you can create up to 20 slides in each video. Once again, double the opportunity!

Generate Voiceovers for Training Videos, Audiobooks, Podcasts, and More by Using AI Text-To-Speech:

No need to run around to various tools or providers for your voiceover needs. With this upgrade, you can effortlessly generate audio files for training videos, create amazing audiobooks, podcasts, or voiceovers for any projects - inside the same dashboard.

Now you can easily generate scripts using our AI writer tool (or use your own script), add it to the voice generator, select your customizations –

  • Choose any type of voice from multiple accents
  • Choose a language from 100+ languages
  • Consider emphasis and special effects options
  • Choose the rate, pitch, modulation, and more

You can transform any written content into stunning natural-sounding voiceovers using this AI Text-to-Speech tool.

You can also use the AI Text-to-Speech tool for creating voiceovers for your clients' projects and thrill them with the results, while earning some nice freelancer paydays.

Generate video and audio descriptions, lecture notes, training manuals, and podcast scripts:

Convert spoken words into written text effortlessly with the AI Speech-to-Text tool, enabling you to transcribe and repurpose content with unparalleled ease. You can easily create:


Transform spoken interviews, podcasts, or video content into written transcriptions for accessibility and SEO optimization.

Blog Posts and Articles:

Dictate ideas or drafts verbally, allowing the AI to convert your speech into written blog posts or articles.

Video and Audio Descriptions:

Generate descriptive text for videos and audio files, enhancing accessibility and search engine visibility.

Lecture Notes:

Record lectures or presentations and use speech-to-text to create comprehensive notes for students or participants.

Book Drafts and Manuscripts:

Dictate the storyline, chapters, or ideas for a book, and convert your spoken words into a written manuscript.

Academic Papers and Research:

Speak your research findings or academic papers, allowing the AI to transcribe complex content accurately.

Creative Writing:

Experiment with storytelling by verbally expressing your creative ideas and converting them into written narratives.

Podcast Scripts:

Use speech-to-text to convert spoken podcast content into written scripts for further editing or repurposing.

Training Manuals:

Record training sessions and lectures, converting them into written manuals for future reference.

Language Learning Resources:

Practice language learning by speaking sentences or phrases and use speech-to-text to generate written exercises, quizzes, assessments for learners.

Accessibility Features – subtitles and captions:

Provide accessibility features for individuals with hearing impairments by converting spoken content into text for subtitles or captions.

This boosts your revenue in multiple ways. It will provide more options for each student to purchase more courses, thus increasing your value per customer. And it also broadens the scope of your course offerings, attracting additional niche audiences to your academies.

Create AI graphics for training videos using the Advanced AI Image Generator –

You can generate stunning AI graphics for your whiteboard training videos in minutes – inside the same tool. Simply input your text prompts, and let the AI do the heavy lifting – creating stunning visuals. You can effortlessly create bespoke and eye-catching artwork that captures your brand's unique style and message.

Video Manager with Ultimate Features:

Streamline your video content management with CourseMateAi's Video Manager, equipped with advanced features for easy organization and accessibility.

Add and Sell Your Own DFY Training Video Course:

Enjoy the flexibility of adding and selling your own Done-For-You training video courses, establishing yourself as an expert and monetizing your expertise.

Upload Unlimited Courses & Reach Wider Audiences:

Break free from limitations!

Remember... having more courses means the potential for more students, more sales and more profits. This upgrade allows you to create unlimited courses with unlimited lessons for any audience, in any niche, for each of your academies without any hassle or extra cost.

With the ability to create unlimited courses in unlimited niches, you can cover the things that people want to learn about in a changing world and continue to add new courses as trends develop.

Vimeo Videos and HTML Videos Embedded:

Another upgraded feature is that you'll be able to add Vimeo videos in the system as course lessons, and even simple MP4 video embed codes can be added.

Customized Invoice:

With this upgrade, you can customize invoices which are to be received by students when they make any purchase of the course.

Get Custom Domains:

With this PRO upgrade, your academies can be mapped with your own custom domain with your own brand name and URL. For example, instead of you can map it with

You can use a custom domain for every academy site you create, for every niche, for all your students. It will instantly build your authority and credibility and give you better exposure in search engines.

Agency License Included:

Unlock the boundless potential for commercial success as CourseMateAi includes an Agency License. You can create unlimited content for clients and scale your profits to unlimited heights with this license!

Just imagine... if ONE Academy makes you $100 a week... with 100 Academies you could MULTIPLY that by 100... Turning a decent $100 a week income into a mind-blowing $10,000 a week.

Sure, you may want to start with just one academy, but your future potential with CourseMateAi Pro is unlimited. Whatever ideas you may have in the future and whatever niches you may want to pursue, there is no limit on what you create and generate with the CourseMateAi Pro Upgrade.

With so many features and AI tools at your disposal and a wide range of content creation options, the possibilities are endless. That's effectively 100x potential, giving you the power to create high-performing eLearning businesses, drive more customers, and increase ROI and sales.

We put a lot of time and thought into this upgrade to make it exactly what you need for maximum chances of success, and maximum capabilities.

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Vertical Videos Pack

Enormous collection of stunning vertical videos designed to stop the scrolling and optimized for social media feeds & ads – garner millions of views & make jaw-dropping income.

AI Image Library

Prepare to be amazed by our extraordinary AI image library. Immerse yourself in a dazzling collection of 3000 AI-generated images, all conveniently placed into one easy-to-access package.

Fitness Video pack

Our package features various fitness training videos that cover a wide variety of fitness topics. You can influence and persuade customers easily through this product. And of course you can sell these, as fitness is one of the hottest evergreen niches of all time.

Yoga Videos Pack

This upgrade comes with various HD Yoga Training Videos that will work just magic to bring you more traffic. Yoga is another very hot evergreen niche. Marketers and business owners have a multitude of opportunities to monetize this amazing collection of videos.

Google AI Prompts Bundle

Unlock the power of prompts - create high-value content with our well-researched Google Bard AI prompts pack. Well-researched prompts to optimize on Google Bard AI comes with various niches, including sub-niches.

ChatGPT Prompts Bundle

We are really excited to present a supreme and highly valuable package of ChatGPT prompts. Get your hands on this goldmine of professionally created ChatGPT prompts as a bonus with the Pro upgrade today.

500 Children's eBooks spanning 30 niches

Explore and sell 500 high-quality childrens e-books across 20 niche topics, including fairy tales, values, family, friendship, early readers, and more. Engage young minds with captivating narratives, fostering imagination and learning in diverse subjects.

Use them for your own courses, learning projects or sell as bundles
to your customers – Your choice.

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Get Instant Access To CourseMateAi Pro Edition NOW:

Why Should You Grab This Pro Edition Upgrade Now?

  • Raises All the Limits
  • MULTIPLY Your Traffic & Sales
  • Attract New Students
  • Make More Money
  • Experience Financial Freedom
  • Boost Your Authority & Credibility
  • Dominate Multiple Niches & Markets
  • Save Time & Money
  • Get Ahead Of Your Competitors
  • Awesome Bonuses To Boost Results

Here's your chance to skyrocket your success, dominate competitors and outclass the best in the industry like Udemy and Coursera. It's time to dominate the hottest niches with the CourseMateAi Pro upgrade!

You're Getting Unlimited...

The bottom line is this will very quickly pay for itself just by using one feature one time...

There's nothing else for you to do. When you upgrade now, these features will be automatically unlocked in your CourseMateAi account. This way you can start building your business and seeing profitable results as fast as possible!

With the Agency License,

  • Grab Higher Paying Customers
  • Expand Your Service Offerings And Portfolio
  • Work For Multiple Clients Simultaneously

By providing the upgraded services from CourseMateAi's Pro edition, you'll be able to offer even better content-creation services to clients.

These are services that SELL like crazy on freelancing sites. With the added firepower of this upgrade in your account, you'll have a much better chance at outselling the existing freelancers on Fiverr and Upwork easily. You can work with unlimited clients, add unlimited leads to your list, and scale your profits with no limitations from us.

It's simple. Activate your CourseMateAi Pro Agency account by grabbing it from this page, and get ready to start getting profiotable gigs. With the power of AI, you barely have to do any "work". You can let the software do the work. It just takes about 30 minutes to sign up as a freelancer on a freelancing site, and start accepting gigs.

For most of these services, your clients would happily pay you $97 - $200 or more. Again, these are high-value services for so many businesses right now. They will be thrilled to pay you a healthy price for the kind of content that used to take them a lot longer and used to cost them a lot more.


You can have multiple income streams by selling premium courses, video trainings in 17 hot categories, audiobooks, podcasts, voiceovers, transcription services, advanced AI graphics, and other services to clients.

Join the ranks of high-income-generating freelancers and agencies that are making huge incomes by providing exactly this type of content.

Iron-Clad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We Stand Behind Our Product With An Iron-Clad 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If For Any Reason You're Not Completely Satisfied With Your Purchase, Simply Let Us Know And We'll Refund Your Money - No Questions Asked. You Can Buy With Confidence Knowing That Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority.

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Create UNLIMITED Courses
Create Videos in 17 categories using DFY AI Prompts
Create up to 10 whiteboard Training Video Course
create up to 10 training Videos in each course
Create training videos with up to 10 Slides
Create Training Audio Files using AI Text To Speech
AI Speech to Text – Create lessons, notes, book drafts, training manuals and more.
Create Graphics for Training videos in AI image generator
Video manager with ultimate features
Add and sell Your own DFY Training Video Courses
Upload Unlimited Courses
Vimeo videos and HTML Videos Embeds
Customized Invoice
Get Custom Domains
Agency License Included
No Bonuses
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Create UNLIMITED Academies
Create UNLIMITED Courses
Create Videos in 17 categories using DFY AI Prompts
Create up to 20 whiteboard Training Video Courses
Create up to 10 training Videos in each course
Create training videos with up to 20 Slides
Create Training Audio Files using AI Text To Speech
AI Speech to Text - Create lessons, notes, book drafts, training manuals and more.
Create Graphics for Training videos in AI image generator
Video manager with ultimate features
Add and sell Your own DFY Training Video Course
Upload Unlimited Courses
Vimeo videos and HTML Videos Embeds
Customized Invoice
Get Custom Domains
Agency License Included
7 Exclusive Bonuses that you can sell in your own Academy

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