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Dear Webpreneurs, Welcome to yet another powerful upgrade.

We have very carefully crafted this upgrade to help you further scale your business and profits one step up. Though optional but it can scale your business exponentially with just a tiny investment on your part. Save you thousands of dollars and 100s of hours and expand your profits at the same time.

Along with eBooks, even global flipbooks consumption has been on a spectacular rise since few years. People love consuming flipbook content. The global flipbooks industry is huge & we want you to tap into that without you doing any extra effort or investment!

Coursemate AI just doesn't stop at eLearning websites or eBooks or training videos.

Coursemate AI presents another powerful upgrade - a revolutionary AI Powered Flipbook Creator App - a powerhouse of design, innovation, and unlimited possibilities, all for an unbeatable $17.

With this upgrade, you can now harness the unparalleled creativity and speed of Advanced Artificial Intelligence to produce engaging and captivating flipbooks in mere minutes - inside the same dashboard.


Head over to the Flipbook Creator in the App. Click on the “Create flipbook”.


Start filling in the details - Domain you want to upload it on, Title of the flipbook, category, Introduction, description, Footer text, CTA, publisher and more. Use AI writing tool to generate all this content for you from just a keyword.

Generate cover image and thumbnails for your flipbooks in seconds using AI tool. Click Generate & the AI produces jaw-dropping flipbooks in a blink of an eye...Set the price of your choice and it is ready to be sold, uploaded, or shared on your favourite eLearning site.

Also easily convert an eBook into flipbook in less than 60 seconds.

Sit Back and Watch:

Watch in awe as your leads, sales, and conversion rates explode, propelled by the magic of stunning flipbooks for. Sell them and make huge profits!


You are headed in the right direction of making unlimited profits from your eLearning business.

Once you grab this upgrade, Coursemate AI will become your complete content creation toolkit - giving you the power to create unlimited non-stop stunning eLearning sites, courses, eBooks, Children's eBooks, PDFs, Training Videos, Other Videos, graphics, Ecover & Flipbooks in minutes that attract buyers like crazy…creating endless income potential for you!

If you are serious about entering the eLearning business & join the ranks of ed-tech Giants like Udemy, Coursera, Teachable, Skillshare - with Top notch AI eLearning content and dominating Fiverr, Upwork with stunning content creation quickly, then this is a “must-have” upgrade for you…

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eBook, Children's eBooks, Flipbooks, Training Videos, Audiobooks, Podcast, & Voice Contents...

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All You Got To Do Is Point-N-Click… & A Project Like This Straight In Your Pocket With Coursemate AI!

Coursemate AI creates jaw-dropping flipbooks in seconds without writing...

Children ebooks

fitness ebooks

cooking ebooks

internet marketing

Why Flipbooks?

People Love them and You Should too, Because:

  • They can be

    accessed across all devices - phones, Tabs, laptops.

  • They can easily

    embed videos directly and showcase a particular product, service or complex procedure.

  • They can be

    easily shared via a simple link on social media or in an email. No upload or download time needed.

  • They are SEO

    optimized and can increase your views, indexing, and overall popularity online. SO you can Rank higher in Google searches!

  • They give you

    important data analytics on your readers - their demographics, number of views, device + more.

All This is Highly Critical for every business today. And what more - look at some statistics:

When you upgrade immediately you
expand your business scale by 50x and grab a slice of this huge pie!!

Create & Publish “High-In-Demand” AI Flipbooks inside the same dashboard -

Generate Eye-dropping AI flipbooks in so many different categories with few Clicks. Easily publish them on Amazon KDP, Ebay & Esty For Maximum Profits...

Craft Stunning AI Flipbooks in 100s of Hot niches that people love to buy and read:

This is game changing. You can create self-help flipbooks, on hot topics like Internet marketing, Fashion, Food, Travel, Real estate, Adventure Comics, Story, Fantasy eBooks Etc...

Save 1000s in Cost:

Flipbooks creation comes at premium prices. You end up paying a shit ton of money monthly to freelancers, or pricey Apps...

Imagine paying these ridiculous amounts extra only for flipbooks. Instead, Coursemate AI Flipbook creator offers a budget-friendly alternative, ensuring you get quality designs, writing, formatting, graphics everything with AI doing it for you - without breaking the bank and saving time.

Yes... Only for $ 17 - a budget-friendly alternative to expensive flipbook creation tools.

Time-Efficient - Let AI take control:

Take control of your schedule and flipbook creation at your own pace - everything inside the same dashboard. No running around for your content needs.

Embed Your Affiliate Links & Drive FREE Targeted Traffic & Sales On Your Offers & Products:

Just embed your affiliate links to your favourite flipbooks and drive limitless sales on complete autopilot... Drive free buyers' traffic and convert them into easy sales...

Get more leads, build buyers list and improve sales:

The stunning flipbooks not just increase your lead generation but also effortlessly builds you a huge buyer list.

Comes with Agency License - Create new business opportunities:

Start providing these services for your clients and charge an extra $50-$100 every time you create flipbooks for them. Just imagine your profit potential. A new revenue stream for you just opened up...

Do all of this without ever having to

Hire a content writer & designer -

Pay them through the nose for an average-looking FlipBook!

Go back to

using boring PDFs, cheat-sheets that don't engage your audience & don't generate results.

Stop using

Flipbooks because they cost too much time & money!


doing tedious content creation yourself!


doing tedious content creation yourself!

Say NO to all these struggles, & DUMP Those Boring PDFs, Cheat-Sheets, etc. That No One Wants To Read...

Upgrade & Switch To Engaging, Interactive & Fun To Read Coursemate AI's FlipBooks In Just 60 Seconds...

Here's what's included:

AI Powered Flipbook creator:

A stunning and easy to use interface that comes with different sections such as - Add Domain, Title, category, description, content, Publisher, Edition, Footer details, CTAs, Thumbnails, Covers and so much more. It comes with advanced AI writer tool that not just creates AI content but AI graphics too.A stunning and easy to use interface that comes with different sections such as – Add Domain, Title, category, description, content, Publisher, Edition, Footer details, CTAs, Thumbnails, Covers and so much more. It comes with advanced AI writer tool that not just creates AI content but AI graphics too.

You can set the price of your choice and finally publish it for your audience.

Convert Ebooks Into Flipbooks in less than 60 Seconds:

Inside the tool, there is an easy single click option to convert any eBook into flipbook. Just one click and you are done.

Publish your flipbooks on your favourite eLearning site:

These AI flipbooks can be published instantly on your eLearning sites. Once you, start creating flipbook, add your domain site and its done. As soon as you create, it will be published there for your readers and audience.

Generate Content, title and more for your flipbooks using AI powered writer:

Yes! Our AI writer tool instantly turns a keyword or prompt into excellent content like book title, and book content you want to write flipbook on. Never need to hire a freelancer again in your life.

Add YouTube Video, Instagram, Vimeo and more into your flipbooks:

In the description box, you cannot just add text, but also embed your Video links from YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Vine, Dailymotion or Youko!

Generate AI graphics for Flipbook thumbnails & cover!

Turn any keyword or prompt into an AI graphic in seconds using our AI Writer tool inside the editor.

Search images from stock library & generate Graphics:

Yes! Search your desired images with keywords typed into the search bar and add them to your designs instantly!

Unlock Unlimited flipbook Cover Creation:

With Coursemate AI's e-Cover Creator, there are no limits to your creativity. Craft unlimited ebook covers, children's ebook covers, mock-ups that resonate with your audience and elevate your digital presence to new heights. Your ideas, your vision - unlimited potential.

This is a smart upgrade, no one would choose to miss!

Consider this - Since you have already grabbed the Coursemate AI basic software and all upgrades, it becomes a No-Brainer for you to just add one more Hot selling flipbook creation service to your business.

You are already selling eBooks, Children's eBooks, Training videos, Ecovers, graphics, courses and so much more…why leave flipbooks? That would not be a wise decision.

At one tiny investment today - $17, you can start creating & selling AI flipbooks, and open another high earning revenue stream for yourself.

You don't even need to buy/install/download another APP for this. Once you upgrade, the Flipbook creator tool inside the Coursemate AI App is unlocked for you. It is that easy!

Easily make $2000 extra every month selling a hot service to thousands of biz owners across the world.

Add flipbook creation service to your exiting product portfolio and Sell to thousands of biz owners, content creators, publishers, website owners, all around the world.

The catch here is - you don't have to do any work yourself.

Yes, all the upgrades helps you boost your profits … but with this upgrade you can take it one step ahead, add this service to your existing service portfolio and expand your client base + revenue.

If you are making $100 extra per client just by adding flipbooks creation in your service offerings…for 20 clients, you can make $2000 extra every month..

That's huge! The income potential just multiplied…And you can further increase it to 10x, 20x or 50x…your choice!


Do the same for your clients, help them make profits while you make hands-free income!!

Coursemate AI Flipbook creator has everything you need for top-notch Flipbooks - without any tech headaches, expertise, or steep learning curve!

Superb profit-making & money-saving deal!

Limited seats left - hurry!

Upgrade Now

Ready to Revolutionize Your eLearning Business empire with Flipbooks using Advanced AI? Add Coursemate AI's Flipbook creator Today!

We know you are already in the game of content creation and to stand out there you need cutting -edge tools to empower your work.

It's time to level up your educational content and courses with Coursemate AI's advanced AI-powered Flipbook Creator.

Why wait? Dive in now to create top-notch flipbooks that not only save you time but attract more customers with their stunning visual appeal.

Secure your must-have app for only $17 Now!


To your happiness & success!

No Thanks - I understand this is a special one-time-offer for new members to grab their membership to Coursemate AI Flipbook creator for a lower price than what we publicly offer. I'm ready to pass on all of this.

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