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First To Market AI Tech Creates Profitable Udemy style eLearning sites & academies in any niche in just minutes.

Loaded with...

not just one, but 4 AI-Powered Software that creates your eBooks, PDFs and more with just a KEYWORD!

Create eLearning sites,

that are similar to Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda and Coursera & grab 10x online buyers.

Use AI

to create and sell courses in red hot business niches!


mesmerizing Children's eBooks using AI in minutes!


stunning professional grade training video courses using the AI video creator!

Design and Customize

your academy website with no design skills needed. Just pick colors and images, and click.

Attract and engage

hungry buyers from across the globe using the power of AI courses!

Perfect for online

coaches/trainers, digital marketers, bloggers, social media influencers and freelancers!

Advanced AI

writer to generate any content from keywords in seconds!

Agency License

included: Launch Your Profitable Business Now!

Save time

and money and stop paying 1000s of dollars monthly on similar services!

Beginner friendly

for any age, experience, or skill level - There is no bar to jump over!


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee so you can try it for yourself with no risk or worries.

Just grab your membership to CourseMateAi.
Log in to the dashboard. Create/Add your domain for your academy/eLearning website. (Free subdomains are included)


Now, let this groundbreaking AI get to work.

Head over to the AI creator tools - Choose what you want to create for your academy - Training video, eBook, Childrens eBook, PDFs, and more.

Enter your keywords, click “generate”. And voila! Your Training video courses, eBooks, children's eBooks, and PDFs are READY. Just download them, share, or immediately sell them on your brand-new e-learning website.

You can even add and manage multiple sites for different courses. Set up subscriptions and pricing of your choice and attract global buyers hungry for learning.

That's it! Your brand-new e-learning website (similar style to Udemy, Coursera or skillshare) is ready to go. Since you own it, you can sell your courses and eBooks without any competition on the site.

Once you create & publish, just sit back, grab your cup of coffee and let AI launch and run your online e-learning empire, sell courses, eBooks, childrens eBooks, and training video courses to a market of buyers globally, while you watch and make profits 24/7.

With the included Agency License, you can also do it for your clients and pocket huge paydays.


Hundreds of marketers, elite coaches, professionals & top e-learning businesses absolutely love CoursemateAI!

Testimonial by James Milo

Testimonial by Herbert Flores


It has produced IMPRESSIVE RESULTS for our beta users! Many of them have been seeing an increase in gigs and earnings.


Get a superior AI Model better than ChatGPT 4 -

and generate fully functional eLearning sites in minutes...
Create red hot selling courses in any niche by entering some keywords.

Create high quality eBooks and also

create attractive Childrens eBooks, Reports, PDFs, Lead Magnets, Presentations, And So Much More... With ZERO writing.

Smartest AI writing assistant in the market -

Give it a keyword and it turns it into stunning content for your eBooks and courses. Generating eBooks, Childrens eBooks, and PDFs is a breeze.

No need for web developers or websites -

Our platform launches eLearning sites and academies Udemy-Style (but even better in our opinion) in minutes. You don't need to buy hosting or build websites. Since you OWN the academy, you can sell courses without any competition.

Create Training Videos courses with AI -

Video courses are one of the best formats for eLearning. Writing, recording, and creating whiteboard training videos for different topics, niche and courses is quick and easy using our AI Training Video creator.

Your own successful AI eLearning empire in 2024 -

Instantly launch AI powered multiple eLearning websites, sell courses, eBooks, children's eBooks, and training videos to global audiences in international languages and run a profitable empire.

No Monthly subscriptions -

Get stunning AI tools integrated into one platform - AI eBooks creator, AI Childrens eBook creator, PDF creator, and AI Training Videos creator. No need to pay separately for these services.

100% plagiarism free -

This AI writes unique and original content from keywords or phrases with high accuracy - in mere seconds.

AI does the research -

No spending time and effort and money on researching trending content.

Conquer any niche -

Set up academies in just minutes & conquer the hottest niches effortlessly whether it be Internet Marketing, Health, Self-help, Cooking, Childrens Books, or any other niche with stunning courses and trending content - without writing a single line or building a website.
Use AI to create and sell

profitable courses for these red-hot businesses including...

  • checkSelf-help
  • checkBusiness consultation,
  • checkDigital Marketing
  • checkYoga, Meditation, Self-care
  • checkPersonality Development
  • checkChildren & Pet care
  • checkWeight Loss
  • checkSocial Media
  • checkBody Building
  • checkSales copywriting
  • checkReal Estate, legal matters
  • checkGardening
  • checkCooking
  • checkInteriors & home decor
  • checkAnd so many more...

You may have noticed that a lot of software demos these days are basically “throw-aways”. They're a few minutes long, they gloss over everything, and they often don't even have any narration, because they're trying to hide the fact that their tools don't do what they're claiming on the sales page!

This one may be a little longer than the ones you've seen in the past, because it's a REAL demo and actually shows how to create a course from scratch using the AI within our platform. Watch now...

Here's what you'll

see covered in the demo video above:

  • checkDashboard - 00:01
  • checkAdd Domain - 00:26
  • checkHow to make a logo for free - 01:23
  • checkHow to make an icon for free - 02:11
  • checkCreate course category - 02:40
  • checkCreate course subcategory - 03:01
  • checkAdd new course - 03:19
  • checkUse AI for course title - 03:34
  • checkUse AI for short description - 04:25
  • checkUse AI for long description - 04:39
  • checkCourse basic settings - 05:01
  • checkUse AI for course FAQ - 05:24
  • checkUse AI for course requirements - 06:05
  • checkUse AI for course outcomes - 06:56
  • checkCourse pricing - 07:52
  • checkCourse overview settings - 08:06
  • checkUse AI for course SEO settings - 08:30
  • checkBegin building new course - 09:09
  • checkAdd course section - 09:26
  • checkUse AI to write course lesson outline - 09:45
  • checkCourse lesson options - 10:27
  • checkUse AI to write course lesson text - 10:37
  • checkAdd course lesson - 11:00
  • checkUse AI to write another lesson - 11:44
  • checkAdd another course lesson - 12:01
  • checkUse AI to write and make a PDF ebook - 12:38
  • checkAdd ebook as course lesson - 15:42
  • checkUse AI to write a lesson video script - 16:26
  • checkUse AI video maker to create lesson video - 16:46
  • checkAdd video as course lesson - 20:17
  • checkUse AI video maker to create another lesson video - 21:05
  • checkUse built-in video editor - 23:53
  • checkAdd another video as course lesson - 25:17
  • checkUse AI to create course quiz - 26:04
  • checkConfigure payment settings - 28:22
  • checkView your website - 29:37
  • checkView your course sales page - 30:02
  • checkAdd course thumbnail image - 31:09
  • checkView changes - 31:39
  • checkAdd images to course sales page - 32:27
  • checkAdd course overview video - 32:52
  • checkView changes - 33:16
  • checkWebsite customization settings- 33:57
  • checkAI tools for website settings - 34:13
  • checkTweak website colors - 34:29
  • checkUpdate website banner image - 35:08
  • checkWebsite banner slider settings - 35:35
  • checkCourse achievement certificate settings - 35:49
  • checkSelling ebooks - 36:29
  • checkChildrens ebook creator - 37:17
  • checkAI image generator - 37:40
  • checkWebsite banner manager - 38:30
  • checkAdd blog category - 38:42
  • checkUse AI to create blog post - 38:55
  • checkView blog post on website - 40:34
  • checkManage students - 41:01
  • checkSummary - 41:09
In Just Minutes

From Now, you can create sites like...

Some eBooks, Children's eBooks that we created in just
60 seconds EACH...

Fitness ebook

Cooking ebook

Google business ebook

Children ebooks

And this is just a fraction of what Coursemate AI can do...Our customers have been able to tap into this billion-dollar industry with Coursemate AI. You need no experience or tech knowledge to use it. Even a kid can use it.

Opportunities with Coursemate AI are boundless!!

You don't have to take our word for it.

Take a look at the statistics and eLearning trends. The numbers pretty well speak for themselves...

And In recent times, Children's ebooks have gained traction:

With an increasing number of parents and educators turning to online platforms to find engaging and educational children's books -

Over 60%

of children's books are now purchased online!

In the US alone,

Children's books are a booming $4 billion industry!


All these statistics prove that it's the FASTEST growing industry right NOW...

And it is the perfect timing to start using and selling online courses and education.

The earnings in this industry are currently at an all-time high!!

It is not uncommon to find top selling instructors on marketplaces like Udemy generating this kind of revenue:

Even average people on Udemy are making money like this..

Freelancers charge surprisingly huge amounts for creating basic eLearning Sites, courses, eBooks, childrens eBooks, and training videos.

These types of content are among some of the highest priced services on Fiverr, freelancer, upwork and others:

Now, it's crystal clear that...

So, wanna know how we did it?

CourseMateAi creates Udemy-style websites that make profits for us every day - smarter, better, and faster with AI technology.


It allows us to compete with

Udemy, Coursera, Lynda, Skillshare, Future Learn, Edx and more!

Each of those websites is earning millions every single month just by selling courses.



dominates the market with $600-700 million in annual revenue!



boasting an impressive $600 million in annual revenue with over 100 million total registered learners... &



rapidly exceeding $50 million annually.

People are happily paying hundreds of dollars a month for online courses...

Many of them are looking to upgrade their skills to start their own online business or get better jobs and seek new opportunities.

And not just Udemy or Coursera - other websites like LinkedIn's Lynda, Masterclass, Edx, teachable and others are flooded with millions of course buyers!

So, we decided to replicate their success, but also integrate the newest AI technology into an app called CourseMateAi.

Now with this app, you can instantly create and launch profit-pulling eLearning platforms in just minutes.

And not just that...

Why go through the hassles of course creation and content generation...

That's old school now. We didn't want to it. So we integrated CoursemateAi with Apps that could easily research, write and generate content for us...

So, CourseMateAi creates courses for us along with creating eBooks, eBooks for children, PDFs, whiteboard training videos. It automates all of that by using A.I in minutes, and it allows us to dominate any niche we choose.


And NOW you can
do it too!

It's your turn to create academies & courses, eBooks, and Children's eBooks in these HOT niches without creating any of the content yourself.

With CourseMateAI, we have made it very easy for you to tap into this $400 billion industry.

With just a few minutes of "clicking" in our app, you can easily start your own profitable Udemy-style, Coursera-style eLearning business selling online education to a hungry audience globally.

About Mock

CoursemateAI's Agency license

makes it super easy for anyone to enter this exploding online education industry very easily...

All The Heavy Lifting has Already been Done By Artificial Intelligence.

All you need to do is Grab CourseMateAi

& kickstart your journey to profits, launch your own successful eLearning course selling platforms in the same style as Udemy, Coursera and Skillshare in mere minutes using AI!


All this sounds fun and exciting...

so why isn't everybody doing it?

The hard truth is... most entrepreneurs who try to break into this business the "old" way end up backing down in the face of challenges...

Without CourseMateAi...

getting started is incredibly hard...


Setting up your first Udemy-style
site is challenging...

If you want do it yourself, then you need to be well-versed with technical know-how, need to learn coding & designing skills, buy a domain, hosting etc. Hiring freelancers is an expensive option. And most freelancers are unskilled web developers whose mediocre work will leave you with frustration and anger.

Using third-party platforms is another option but it comes with its own set of problems. You end up paying huge monthly fees, must share profits, and zero control over the site traffic, etc.

Developing high quality course content - lessons, eBooks, etc is hard and expensive and requires deep knowledge and expertise. Creating quizzes, assignments, or discussion forums add an extra layer of complexity.

And if you think about hiring professionals, it will cost you a fortune as it may charge $700-$900 for site creation and $1500+ for eBooks or Children's eBooks. It takes weeks and months to create online courses and would cost around $5000 per course creation.

We know this for a fact, because prior to AI (and still to some extent), that was a big part of our business model. We paid for those kinds of content to be created, so we could sell it in the Internet Marketing niche.

We still do outsource some of that stuff, and those prices still exist to this very day.

So it's also a fair assessment to say that we developed CourseMateAi partly for our own business to USE on a daily basis.


Thankkfully there's an EASIER WAY...

Trust me when we say we have gone through all of those obstacles, spent thousands of dollars, and were frustrated with the results.

We worked hard to solve this and created

This powerful technology will give you everything you need for this business at your fingertips.

Dear Marketer!

I Am Eric Holmlund with the Team At Firelaunchers!

We have been 7 figure digital marketers for over a decade now!

We have together created and sold game-changing AI technologies that have helped many marketers scale their online business to 6-figure income, including but not limited to AIContentFly, AIVideoSuite, VidPalAi, BizSuite Ai, GPTVoicer and many more highly successful tech products. (We've been very focused on AI for the past couple of years, starting even before the advent of ChatGPT)

The global eLearning industry is at an all-time high!

This time we wanted to help marketers instantly tap into the online education boom with the incredible use of Artificial Intelligence. And not just any AI. We wanted advanced AI that really helps create eLearning websites, courses, eBooks, childrens eBooks, and training videos in hot niches faster than ever.

So, look no further! We bring to you our revolutionary app - CourseMateAi - the game-changing solution that empowers you to build e-learning empires effortlessly.

With CourseMateAi, You can

  • Create elegant AI-powered e-learning sites effortlessly with AI crafted courses, eBooks, and training videos in hot niches!
  • Beat Udemy, Coursera, Edx, skillshare at their own game & jump to the top-seller spot in your marketplace!
  • Craft professional, market-ready E-Books and PDFs in minutes in hot genres and trending niches for a global audience!
  • Get leads and sell courses 10x faster than the competition with an already done-for-you marketplace!
  • Tap into the $4B childrens book market!
  • Sell these things to clients on Fiverr, Upwork & social media & keep 100% of profits.
  • Establish yourself as a pro educator/online coach/teacher or any other professional and establish your brand!
  • See a surge in online course sales by 40% and student engagement by mind-blowing 80%!
  • Save 20+ hours each week instead of doing manual courses and content creation!
  • Save $5000+ in course creation (each time!) - create unlimited courses using AI.
  • Save 90%+ in cost compared to freelancers, and 3rd-party platforms!
  • Use AI to be first-to-market and dominate an industry!
  • Tap into the MASSIVE $400 billion eLearning industry and start selling like a pro in MINUTES.
  • Craft courses that justify premium pricing, leveraging CourseMateAi's features to enhance the value proposition and capture a share of the booming e-learning market.

CourseMateAi is not just a tool; it's your partner in success. Embrace the future of e-learning and skyrocket your sales with AI magic. Click once, create endlessly!


This is the world's first publically available eLearning app that crafts stunning
and responsive e-learning websites in minutes, and creates
high quality courses, eBooks, Childrens eBooks, and training video courses faster than you ever thought possible.

Advanced AI | Ultra-fast | Gets results

Here are the features

that make CourseMateAi the best in the industry right now:

FAST e-learning website creation:

With a few clicks, CourseMateAi crafts stunning and
responsive e-learning websites with your own courses,
payment buttons, and content.

No coding, no hassle - just seamless and professional
sites that leave a lasting impression.


Instant Niche-based Academy Setup (Health Niche, IM Niche, Self-Help, Children's, Cooking Niche Etc.)

You can set up an academy instantly and then customize that academy by simply choosing the courses you want to sell in that particular niche.

Create Courses, eBooks, Childrens eBooks, Training Videos & Academies From A Single Dashboard:

You can add multiple domains and academies, manage them, view them, upload courses and content easily - all from inside the same dashboard.

A centralized hub that streamlines the process of course creation, content creation, management, and academy setup, all from one intuitive interface.


AI Powered Ebook Creator: create eBooks in a flash!

Simply enter a keyword in the AI writer & watch our app create a stunning eBook in minutes.

Use the AI writer to generate different sections of the book just by using keywords. Generate the introduction, conclusion, recommended resources, and more. You could also generate a stunning book cover with a prompt in the AI content creator and - your eBook is ready - add pricing and instantly add it to your eLearning website - ready to be shared and sold.

Alternately, you could add or upload your own text and in minutes generate a stunning eBook.

AI Powered Children's eBooks Creator: Turn stories into gold!

CourseMateAi doesn't stop at websites. Harness the unparalleled creativity of artificial intelligence to produce engaging and captivating children's ebooks in mere minutes with a rich-featured AI children's book creator.

Add title of the eBook, category, generate story, and other sections using the AI writer. You can then add footer text, CTAs, editions, publication, and your children's story book is READY. Just add pricing and select the website you want to share it to and you are all set.


AI Powered PDF Creator:

CourseMateAi seamlessly integrates PDF creation into it. Generate content from our AI writer or upload your own and your PDF is ready in minutes! Upload it to the website of your choice, or instantly list it for sale on your academy.

AI-Powered Training Videos Creator: Create great whiteboard sales videos, explainer videos, podcasts, and more.

An Easy-To-Use Whiteboard AI Video Creator that needs no technical skills even if you're creating your first ever video. If you can Point-N-Click you're good to go. There is not just one but multiple ways to create videos.

Use AI to create a script for you in seconds or upload your own script.

Upload it in the editor, choose your desired settings and click to generate the video. You can generate images, slides, and content using the AI or upload your own and convert it into amazing video trainings that your customers will love learning from.


Create stunning whiteboard videos from your own script:

Upload script of your own and convert it into videos. (Just in case you're one of those rare old-school types who loves to write, you always CAN. We give you those options too!)

Robust AI Video Editor

Tasks that take hours using standard video editors are reduced to just a few simple clicks. Here, you can

  • Add/remove watermarks, logo, add text, crop, trim, and edit the videos in so many ways.
  • Generate thumbnails, speed, rotate, trim, reverse - edit videos
  • Add background music, animation, voiceover, watermarks, etc.
  • Perform text alignment - Top/Bottom/Left/Right/No Alignment
  • Auto slide break and auto line break
  • Choose animations from a variety of styles - Fade In, Fade Out, Vertical Shuffle, Horizontal Shuffle, Blink, or No Animation.

Create unlimited content with Advanced AI Content creator:

Want to create a course or an eBook on a particular topic - but don't know WHAT to write? No worries...

Our built-in AI-powered Content Creator can generate high-quality content on virtually any topic imaginable. Just give it keywords and phrases and it creates full blown articles, essays, lessons, quizzes, assignments, course text, chapters for your eBooks, stories for Children eBooks - in seconds. Also generate excellent marketing content for your banners, ads, and blog posts in seconds.

Easy To Setup Course Membership

Set up membership models for courses, allowing for subscription-based access and recurring revenue streams. Yeah, you get to set all your own prices, and those can be one-time payments, or subscriptions. You can also choose to give away free content (like a course or ebook) to build a list of prospects.


Upload Your Own Products to Sell (Courses, Videos, eBooks & PDFs):

You can upload your own courses or ebooks on any topic that you already have. This is also a great way to monetize any old PLR products that you might have on your computer. Our platform supports multiple rich media files like YouTube URL, Vimeo URL, MP4 URL, Document, PDF, Excel spreadsheet, Image File, Iframe Embed, etc. to wow your students.

Other features:

Easy -To-Use Course Manager:

Manage all your courses easily by adding categories, sub-categories, and quizzes. Choose to list any course as "free" to gain leads and grow a list or make it a paid course to generate income. You set your own prices and discounts, and sales go directly to your payment account.


Built-In Support & Ticket System:

You will get the built-in support system where your students can submit tickets and you can answer or manage their queries without leaving the dashboard or paying for a third-party customer support tool.


Payment Integrations With Paypal, Stripe and Razorpay:

Seamless integration with PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay with multiple currency support to allow you to make sales & profits directly to your own account. This way you can set your own price and start taking orders without any worries. (You can choose one payment solution, such as just PayPal.)


Built-In Students Panel:

To run a successful eLearning business, you need a backend administration area to properly manage your students. So, for you, we have added a built-in student panel from where you can add/manage/remove or enroll students to any course, without leaving your dashboard.


Built-In SEO Settings:

Each course is given an SEO-friendly sales page, and our built-in SEO module allows you to optimize your course pages with the custom title and meta- descriptions to make them search friendly and capture organic search engine traffic.


100% Mobile-Responsive Sites & Courses:

Your content and sites are 100% mobile optimized. We know some of your students will be using computers, while others will be using mobile devices. That totally works.


Banner Ads:

Create your banner ads with AI or upload your own in seconds.


Customer Reviews:

Gather customer reviews for your online courses and content and shine. This is similar to how you will see student feedback/reviews displayed on popular sites like Udemy.


Reports & Analytics: Sales report & Payout report

You'll get real-time updated revenue and sales analytics for all your courses. This will help you find the best winners for your business and will help you strategize for future growth.


FREE storage for Hosting documents & Images:

No need to pay for hosting every time you upload a new course. We are providing you free hosting for all your images and document files (along with the academies themselves).


No lead/Profit sharing with any 3rd Party Platforms

CourseMateAi provides you with your own branded marketplace to sell your courses online while simultaneously building authority in any niche. Also, there's no need to share any of your profits or leads with 3rd party platforms.


Agency License:

Set up your own eLearning business empire by doing it for clients and make big paydays as a freelancer or agency. Create stunning courses, websites, eBooks, Children's eBooks, and training videos and sell them to your customers or clients for any price you choose.


Training Videos:

You get complete step by step training videos for how to use this platform. Everything you need to know is explained. For that matter, you'll find a complete walk-through right on this sales page. That is something that you will NOT find on many software sales pages these days. Some of those shady vendors gloss over the demo, because their software doesn't work. Our demo shows you every step of the process. Training videos will be in the dashboard too.


24/7 Dedicated Support:

Need guidance? Just reach out to us and our dedicated support team will solve your problems.


Newbie friendly interface:

CourseMateAi has a super easy interface. Not even for a moment you will find it difficult to use. You need no tech expertise to use it.


100% cloud-based software:

CourseMateAi is 100% cloud-based software. There is nothing to download or install. Access it anytime from anywhere with an internet connection.

We've Left No Stone Unturned

To Give You a Highly-Advanced, Next-Generation,-AI Powered Platform!

Fastest way to create

stunning & highly engaging AI powered eLearning sites like Udemy and Coursera.

Stunning Sites in just clicks

Instant niche-based academy setup! Capture global buyers in any market.

Auto-populate AI-Powered content!

Save time and effort by 100% creating, publishing, and adding content on autopilot with advanced AI.

Share, Upload, Sell & Profit!

Launch your websites, courses, eBooks, Training videos - share, upload and sell them for 100% profit!

About Mock

Become a top seller
in your niche
faster than those other sites.

Generate hot leads 10x faster,

Sell Loads More With CourseMateAi courses, eBooks, and training videos...


The children's book
market is a gold mine!

PLR producers -
Grab it now or lose
the chance!

Explode your profits and business with HOT Video courses in trending niches:

Video courses are people's all-time favorite, especially the younger generation. Whiteboard videos for training are HOT and are currently driving huge traffic, views, and user engagement for companies. Even big corporations and tech giants use whiteboard video training.

As a video creator, you can sell these high quality videos and courses to keen learners and businesses to pocket huge paydays.

The ways to make money are endless...

It's an easy & profitable agency

service to sell to your clients with boundless income potential...

This is the kind of income we have seen agencies generating...

When you grab CourseMateAi Best Seller Edition, you get an Agency license - which allows you to sell all of these services to global buyers and collect payments from them. So why wait or waste time thinking? Grab it now and set up your business with CourseMateAi.

With the agency license, you could outsell competing freelancers on Fiverr, upwork, freelancer and more...

Enjoy an unparalleled user experience

with lightning-fast performance, thanks to the advanced
capabilities of Artificial Intelligence!

So, are you ready for a new way?

Stop wasting time on outdated methods,
useless AI Apps that fail to deliver results...

Act smart and use this advanced AI for
your business...

This is your chance to finally grab something
that is proven to work...

CourseMateAi has generated impressive
results for our customers and beta users with
a high level of success...

We are 100% confident it will work for you too.

It is laser-focused on what YOU

need to succeed in your business by providing you with...


of Buyers Traffic from More Content

Passive Profits

from your eLearning business

More Income

As A Result Of More Clients

More Savings

Thanks To Multiple Tools in One Dashboard

A Lifestyle Of

Freedom Thanks To AI Technology

Wondering how much it will cost you?

This software would have easily cost you
thousands of dollars to assemble on your own...

CourseMateAi App
AI powered Advanced Website Creator
AI Powered Ebook Creator
AI Powered Children's eBook creator
AI Powered PDF Creator
AI Powered Content Creator
Agency license cost
Training Videos
Other AI tools
Value $997/mo
Value $1499
Value $997/mo
Value $997/mo
Value $599/mo
Value $997/mo
Value $1459
Value - $997

We could be charging as much as $997 a month, and we could target the "enterprise level" business service providers. After all, you can potentially make more than that in a day.

And everything is fully integrated with our Advanced AI.

But we already benefit so much in our own businesses from CourseMateAi and we want to make it affordable for our fellow customers too.

So, today you get everything not at $997, $597, $297, or $197...

Today you can grab CourseMateAi Best Seller Edition for the tiny one-time fee of only $77!

So, let's go!

Act fast. We will be raising the price for new customers in the future, and we are considering $197/month.

So, We shall

see you on the inside:

There is nothing else required for you to start earning with CourseMateAi - No hidden fees, no monthly costs, nothing.

Now You Have Two Options:

Leave The Page

And Continue With Your Struggle

Try CourseMateAi

For 30-Days Completely Risk-Free


Leaving The Page Without Even Trying CourseMateAi Could Mean...

  • More wasted time
  • Years of spinning your wheels
  • Missed opportunities
  • Not giving your loved ones the future they deserve
  • Lost dreams
  • Financial struggle
  • Not living to your full potential

It means passing up the best opportunity you'll see for your business this year.

If you put off the decision until later, you will end up paying $197/mo instead of just a one-time flat fee.

And why pay more when you can pay less?

Do not miss this.

Grab it now...

Frequently asked questions.
accordio-img accordio-img
Do I need to download anything to use CourseMateAi?

CourseMateAi is a 100% cloud-based online application, you access it via a browser, and you can access and work in the dashboard from any device and anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

How does CourseMateAi actually work? Please tell me before I purchase.

CourseMateAi interface is very simple and easy to use. It's advanced AI works like an assistant for you. You give it prompts and keywords, it will keep on churning out content in seconds whether its eBooks, PDFs, Courses, Training videos.

In one click, it will create and launch eLearning website for you. Its AI Creators will create eBooks, PDFs, Training videos and AI images - everything you need for your websites in seconds.

You can add your own courses, ebooks and files as well to the websites.

All Ebooks, PDFs, training videos can be downloaded and shared or sold on marketplaces like Udemy, Coursera, or any other of your choice.

Can I create and sell content to clients? Will I be able to compete with other service providers on marketplaces?

Yes! You get an Agency license, that allows you to sell this content and eLearning creation services to businesses out there. In fact, you can easily outsmart and sell other freelancers on Fiverr, upwork – as you have Advanced AI that does work for you in minutes and get more impressive results for your clients. You are one step ahead of freelancers who use old, traditional methods to create content.

Do you charge any extra maintenance fees?

No! CourseMateAi is available at a one-time payment only. There are no hidden fees or additional charges to pay.

What if I am not happy with the purchase? Do I get a refund?

It is a rare chance that you will not like our product. But still If you are not happy with your purchase, send us an email on our support desk within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund your entire amount.

Are There Any Video Tutorials I Can Refer To?

Yes, We Have Videos for Almost Every Feature And Issue You May Face.

Do you provide any support?

Although all our tools are extremely easy to use, if you are stuck somewhere support is just an email away.

Is CourseMateAi newbie-friendly?

Yes! You don't need any skills or experience. Simply follow the simple steps we show you and you're all set.

How do I get CourseMateAi?

Simply click on any buy button on this page. As soon as you purchase, you'll receive an email containing your log-in credentials and your membership information.

You can log in to your admin panel right away and begin using CourseMateAi to build your passive income stream.

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